Gold Chrome Nail Powder

$15.00 AUD

Take your nail art game to the next level with QRD's Gold Chrome Nail Powder.


American Gothic Black works best to achieve a mirror-like finish.


  • Pick up product by lightly tapping into the powder. You only need to use a small amount.
  • Rub the product in (on top of a non-wipe gel top coat) using the applicator in circular motions.

1. Follow this guide from Step 1 to 9.

2. Use the applicator to pick up a small amount of powder and rub in a circular motion onto your nails.

Note: Ensure that you are applying the powder over a fully cured layer of non-wipe Top Coat and not onto gel polish directly.

3. Apply a thin layer of top coat to seal it in and cure for 60s.

4. Apply cuticle oil and massage into cuticles.

Every time you place an order with us, we plant a tree through our partner, Ecologi. Rest assured knowing that by shopping with us, you are offsetting any carbon created by shipping your order and doing your part to save the future of our planet.

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