Foil Nail Removal Wraps

$10.00 AUD

QRD's Foil Nail Removal Wraps are pre-cut sheets of foil attached with a piece of lint-free cotton ready to be soaked in acetone. If you're looking to skip a few steps, save time and create less mess during the removal process then these foil wraps are for you.

The best part about these wraps? They can be used to remove any nail enhancement. 

Why use foil?

Foil keeps your fingers warm using your natural body heat which speeds up the removal process.

Why not use regular kitchen foil?

Our wraps are manufactured using a heavy-duty aluminium material that is durable enough to unwrap and re-wrap without tearing. This means you can continue using the same sheet of foil until your enhancement is fully removed. Regular kitchen foil is much thinner and is more likely to tear so if you need to re-soak your nails, you'll likely need to cut another sheet of foil.

NOTE: Acetone is not included.


Only 5 pieces in stock!


1. Use a buffer block to buff away the top coat layer until it is no longer shiny.

2. Apply cuticle oil on each finger to protect your nail and the surrounding skin from dehydration.

3. Saturate the cotton piece on the foil wrap with pure acetone.

4. Place the cotton over your nail and wrap foil around your finger.

5. Leave for 10-15 minutes.

6. Pull the foil from the nail (one at a time) and gently remove any remaining product with a cuticle pusher.

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