Almond Medium Tips

$50.00 AUD

Extend your canvas with QRD's Gel Extensions. Each box contains a total of 552 pcs in 12 different sizes. Sculpted from a soft gel material, our extensions are both lightweight, hard-wearing and can be easily soaked off with acetone. Our Gel Extensions are applied with our Solid Gel Extension Glue and provide up to 4+ weeks of wear.


12 SIZES — Find the perfect fit for you with minimal tailoring required

PRE-BUFFED  Eliminate the need for an e-file to etch the contact surface

PRE-SHAPED  Save time and achieve a perfect and consistent set of nails every time 

1. Push down your cuticles with your cuticle pusher.

2. Trim your excess cuticle with the nipper.

3. Lightly etch the surface of your nails with the buffer block to remove the shine and create a surface for the solid gel extension glue to adhere to.

4. Remove all the excess dust off your nails with the cleaning brush.

5. Size the tips by placing it on top of your nail and ensuring that it covers your nail side wall to side wall. If you are in between sizes, choose the bigger size and customise it to your nails by filing down the edges.

6. Buff the base of the non-contact surface of each tip so that it blends in with the cuticle area and looks flush after application.

7. Apply a thin layer of primer to your nails and wait a few seconds for it to dry.

8. Apply a thin layer of base coat to your nails. Cure for 60 seconds under the lamp.

9. Scoop the solid gel extension glue onto the contact surface using the base of the extension and spread it out using a cuticle pusher.

10. Place the extension tip on the nail, starting at the cuticle area at a 45 degree angle. Push the tip down firmly towards the free edge of your nail until it remains in place. Repeat on each finger.

11. Cure under the LED Curing Lamp for 60s.

Every time you place an order with us, we plant a tree through our partner, Ecologi. Rest assured knowing that by shopping with us, you are offsetting any carbon created by shipping your order and doing your part to save the future of our planet.

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