The Making of The Tiny Salon™

If you’ve had a gel manicure before, you’re more than likely already familiar with the benefits. Once cured, the polish is completely dry and you’ll have yourself a shiny manicure that lasts three to four weeks without chipping.

A quick search on the internet will show you an array of gel nail products and gel manicure kits that are available for purchase even if you are not a licensed professional. However, most kits available on the market only contain the lamp and some gel polishes. Sometimes they may even include a few disposable tools but the quality of these are often not to salon standard and you would need to search and invest in other products to get professional results.

So how does QRD do things differently?

The Vision

The Tiny Salon™ was created with a simple vision – to make salon-quality products and tools available in a user-friendly, at-home kit. Each box contains everything you need to give yourself a salon-quality manicure from prep to polish. 

The Products

With The Tiny Salon™, we set you up for success by ensuring the kit comes with everything you need to start your DIY nail journey. Each product inside the box serves a purpose to achieve the professional, long-lasting results you want. They're also cruelty-free, non-toxic, vegan friendly and made to last where possible.

The Packaging

During the design process, we decided we wanted packaging that ensures your kit is arrives safely, but also can be re-used in the future. For this reason, we kept the design of the box minimal and built it with a tray, a drawer and foam bases which are removable so you can take it out and store more products. Step-by-step instructions are also printed on the interior of each box so not only is it less waste, you'll also never misplace them.

The Value

Visits to the nail salon are a luxury, they can become expensive and time consuming if you go often and the alternative choice (regular nail polish) takes forever to dry and chips the second you bump your nail into something. Learning how to do your own nails with gel means you can save those costly nail appointments for a special occasion and still have the perfect set of nails all year round.